Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Photo a Day Digest 3

Day 16 - Your favourite colour

Day 16 – Your favourite colour

No surprises here! Cyclamen-colored cyclamens.

Day 17 - Busy

Day 17 – Busy

The builders have been busy in this room today.

Day 18 - Hello!

Day 18 – Hello!

I found this 16 year old issue of “Hello!” magazine with an illustrated article on Michael Hutchence’s funeral at St Andrew’s Cathedral here in Sydney. As Dean of Sydney at the time, Boak took the service and preached the sermon. He was criticised by some, but countered by stating that nobody was perfect and he only ever buried sinners. Shades of “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

Day 19 - Button

Day 19 – Button

Pressing this button beside my fireplace formerly summoned a servant, but they always seem to be off duty whenever I try.

Day 20 - On your mind

Day 20 – On your mind

For the whole weekend I relaxed and had nothing more on my mind than sewing and enjoying the company of these good quilting friends.

Day 21 - Fire

Day 21 – Fire

Does fire prevention count?

Day 22 - Blurry

Day 22 – Blurry

A Manly ferry struggling to stay upright in the weekend’s high seas and stiff winds. I took the photo from the other side of Sydney Harbour, and I think the blurriness actually suggests the rough weather conditions.

Red rose Di


  1. Love the fireplace button......thank goodness those days have gone!

  2. I am equally disappointed as you about that fireplace button failing to work!

  3. As always, I so enjoy your photo journal and hope that you can keep it up. The button photo is so unusual, but I'm happy to see that you got to spend time with your friends sewing. That's the stuff that will keep you going!

  4. That last photo surprises me. I spent the whole of ANZAC Day ferry-hopping (we didn't manage to get to the Watson's Bay run) and the weather was perfect! Saturday in western Sydney was warm and calm, Sunday was breezy but not annoyingly so -- and very warm; both WM and I were wearing shorts as we did our "hard labour" in the form of yard work at DD's former home!

    Will you keep the "Hello" magazine?


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