Monday, April 29, 2013

A Weekend Making a Stable Bag = A recipe for restoring one’s equilibrium

Take nine delightful quilters (Sue’s missing from the photo).IMG_3588

A gracious hostess, Margaret, content to sit and sew hexagons and keep Matilda and Chester happy.


Two whole days at Di B’s cosy harbourside home, taking over her sitting room.


A little bit of silliness (of course!)


And the opportunity to sew a Stable Bag - a project that’s been on all our Bucket Lists for ages – while having our hands held by a friend who’s already made several herself.IMG_1813

It was too good to pass up!  It’s been ages since I’ve had a needle and thread in my hands and I tend to get a little twitchy if I go too long without stitching. Do you?


You’ll see versions of this nifty bag everywhere on the internet, including this jazzy one here, but while everybody loves the design it’s had the (deserved) reputation of being a notoriously challenging pattern to make up.

Daphne showed us how to make a version with outside pockets using a Cathedral Window-type fold-down edging, something I haven’t seen elsewhere.


Our feature panels couldn’t have been more varied, but every single one was such a beauty. Janet’s panel (above) has been in her cupboard for many years just waiting for that special project to come along.


Don’t you agree, Pam’s golden oriental fabric looks fabulous edged in bright red?


Here’s Desley’s, teamed with a rich burgundy co-ordinating fabric.


Glenda was our first finisher.


Then Gillian (above). And then Di B (below).


Mine was just a little different because I chose to use strips from my selvage box to create my feature panel. I really like it Be right back.


By the afternoon of day two we were able to line up our bags for this photo, and feel mighty pleased with our results.


After two days by Sydney Harbour in the company of cheerful ladies, stitching my selvage-style Stable Bag, I confess I’m feeling much more stable myself Winking smile.

Thank you, Di, Margaret (and Matilda) for hosting this wonderful weekend.

Red rose Di


  1. It looks as though you had a delightful time, and those bags, WOW!! They are just wonderful. I love how they look all lined up on the railing, each one different, and just as beautiful as the next!!

  2. Beautiful made one some years back

  3. All very different bags, and all so lovely! I do like your bright selvedge bag.

  4. I am pea-green, green, green! What a wonderful time you had sewing together. I love these bags -every one of them. I can almost hear the laughter while looking at the pictures. Did you make the same one I did in 2009? I recognize the pattern, but did you make it the same size? I've heard there are several size variations on this one now. How were the instructions? Better than when I sewed mine? Love yours with the selvages! Those selvages make for such a neat special feature. Thanks for sharing your fun time - I'm SO glad you had this mental health break for yourself.

  5. Wow! What a lovely collection of bags! It does look like it would be a tad difficult to make though!

  6. When I was in their shop they had made a larger one that was a nappy bag and a smaller one lined with nylon fabric that was a toilet bag.


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