Monday, April 22, 2013

April Photo a Day Digest 2


Day 9 – Tiny


Day 10 – A place

The wondrously carved façade of the Treasury at Petra.

I’ve been there three times and I never fail to gasp at the first sight of it through a jagged opening in the gorge as I approach down the ancient Siq.

Ah, the memories!


Day 11 – Detail

The detail of a small part of my temporary plumbing arrangements while the renovations are taking place.


Day 12 – In the Middle

Photo taken on Easter Day of my beautiful mother between her two daughters.

Look who has the most grey hairSurprised smile


Day 13 – The view from your bed

Chester sleeps on his bed (with his own quilt) right across the room from me.

Sometimes I think he sleeps with one eye open because he always comes over to check on me if I wake.


Day 14 – Water

By the Sea of Galilee last year, with rain clouds brewing.


Day 15 – Alone

Dinner for one.

Red rose Di


  1. Oooo, "dinner for one" made me sad for you. Great photos, thanks for sharing.

  2. Aww, Di. {{{ }}} But, lady, you have The Most Gorgeous Hair Color! It is natural, right? And I would love sooooo much to see the Treasury at Petra. You've been to it 3 times?? Lucky :D

  3. I love your digest, Di. Wish I could share a meal with you!


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