Friday, April 19, 2013

April Photo a Day Digest 1


Day 2 – Blue

Torrential rain this morning for my walk with Chester left my blue jeans soaked through, and a demarcation below where my rain jacket finished.


Day 3 – Something beginning with A

My very favourite photo of the Princess in her school uniform.


Day 4 – This happened today

The tilers started to work on one of the bathrooms.


Day 5 – Something good

Chester was endlessly patient when Mr J wanted to take him for a walk in the garden.


Day 6 - Air


Day 7 – Dreamy

On our wedding day in 1972 I thought my dress was simply “dreamy”. On another level, we had so many hopes and dreams as we began our married life together.


Day 8 – On my plate

Delicious pasta dish made by a kind and generous friend who dropped it in to me as a lovely surprise.


  1. Oh my......I remember those 1972 fashions! Didn't we all look so young in those days?

  2. I love seeing your photos each time, Di! Your wedding photo is my year older than mine!

  3. Good photos, but even lovelier are the stories attached. :) My how your 2 grandchildren have grown! Especially Master J.
    Your dress is dreamy, Di, and you were a beautiful bride. Boak looks so proud and handsome, too. :)

  4. You may have been younger but you are instantly recognisable from the smile! Lovely photos -- all of them!


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