Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Report Card on Di


Three words describe Di’s quilt-making efforts this year: Can do better.

In the entire year she has finished just six quilts.

These were the Whirligig quilt, Daisy a Day, Ben and Sunny’s Wedding Quilt, two Blankets of Love for RPA Newborn Care and one child-sized quilt for the Marcia Burgess Kindy for autistic little ones. The seventh “quilt” here is really just a cushion top, her entry in the Dots on Dots blog hop in September, and as such doesn’t really count – it’s just there to complete the collage.

Perhaps if she were to spend less time reading blogs, pinning to Pinterest and playing Words with Friends she might be able to turn more of those quilts floating round in her imagination into reality. Somehow, though, I don’t think that’s going to happen since Di loves keeping in touch with her cyber-friends all over the world and gathering quilt-making inspiration from the blogs she follows.

She could also benefit from not setting such unrealistic goals for herself. Just a thought.


Smaller Items

Di has scored better in this area, with around 40 finishes.

The friends who helped Ben and Sunny’s wedding day in August go smoothly were very happy with their “thank you” gifts of cathedral windows pincushions.

In June Di’s efforts were boosted by an extremely productive collaboration with Di B. She made sock monkeys and owls, crocheted teddy bears, travel trays, luggage labels, applique baby singlets, tea towels, golfers’ hand towels, baby shoes and a growth chart. Together Team Di, along with others on the Rose Bay Committee, were able to raise $3,500 from craft table sales for St Luke’s Hospital.

In a strong finish to the year Team Di (and a friend) knitted seven fat googly-eyed sheep for their neighbouring church, St John’s Darlinghurst, to use in their Messy Christmas Nativity Trail.

The observation must be made that without Di B urging and encouraging her Di would not be nearly so generous and outward-focused and could easily spend far too much time navel-gazing.

10-Small Items2012



Final Comments

The last four months have not been easy for Di J, and she has lost the plot somewhat, as far as her handwork is concerned.

However she has received so much love and support from her family, friends and fellow bloggers that we are hoping to see her finding renewed joy in her all her creative endeavours over the coming year.


May God bless you all in 2013!


  1. Di, I think you have done remarkably well - that's a lot of finishes to be proud of!

  2. I wish you much love, abundant joy, good health, tons of laughter and ample stitching time!

  3. Look at all those smaller projects~!! Di, your "off year" is far more productive than my whiz-bang years. :) And look at the quilts - maybe only 6, but two of those are phenomenally involved. I think they merit the spaces of 3 or 4 each, easily.

  4. Dear Di, I think you are omitting one of the major quilting projects of the year. You used threads from your heart to hold us all together. Life did indeed give you scraps this year. You made a beautiful quilt of our family. Be proud big sister.

  5. Darling Di, you're forgetting your biggest project of the year. You used the threads of your heart to hold us all together through the most horrible time of all. Life did, indeed, give you scraps, and you made a loving quilt of our family. Keep going. You are doing well with honours big sister. xx

    1. I just put one foot in front of the other and do my best :-) Thanks for the wonderful encouragement xxx

  6. I would say you have achieved quite a lot, Di, over the year. And all with love, :)

    1. Lindi, I've tried, but there are so many projects I would love to have finished. I bet you feel the same :-)

  7. Oh my! I do believe you've accomplished a LOT! Your quilt finishes are stunning, especially as I know several of them were BY HAND! (That Daisy a Day is beyond words.) You don't give yourself enough credit! And 40 other finishes? Really? Forty? Given all that you went through in 2012, I believe you're doing phenomenally well. I'd suggest... keep on keepin' on. Have a peaceful 2013.

  8. What a great report! I'd give you A++ for all your wonderful projects. Your Jacobs Coat quilt is worth a years worth of quilts, all that applique and hand quilting. Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

  9. I give you top of the class! All are amazing quilts and are so inspiring, so double marks for that!

    Have a great 2013 Di.


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