Friday, December 28, 2012

Love in action

The quilts were all hung from the columns with care,

T’was time for our beautiful handwork to share

It’s been three years since St Mark’s Quilters decked out the church for Christmas with our quilts, and Di B and I felt it was about time we held another airing of the quilts. Fortunately our Acting Rector agreed, so last Sunday many willing hands transformed the church in time for our service of Lessons and Carols that evening.

Perdita balanced on a pew to hook up some Blankets of Love.


Caroline helped us to choose effective combinations of colours and quilt designs to hang from each column.


Moo attached dozens of safety pins to the corners of our quilts so they could be hung from their points.


They did look wonderful against the sandstone columns, with the bright coronet of lights above them.










We even hung quilts from the baptismal font


…and from the pulpit.IMG_0508

In fact, we were quite inventive in searching out fixtures where our quilts could hang. Even though we didn’t have enough Marcia Burgess kindy quilts to fill the gallery at the rear of the church, Moo and Gail mixed these larger quilts with our tiny Blankets of Love.


This was the view from St Mark’s gallery once we’d finished – very pretty!


A panoramic view from the sanctuary end of the church looking back towards the gallery.


In the evening, though, it was even prettier, filled with worshippers standing beneath our quilts, singing Christmas carols.


Now that Christmas is over we’ve carefully packed our quilts away ready for delivery to RPA Newborn Care in the next few weeks, where the parents of very ill or deceased bubs will be given the opportunity to choose a baby quilt to keep.

Which one would you choose?

Red rose  Di


  1. Wow - that's really neat to see them throughout the church like that. :)

  2. I'm in tears to see the sweetness of your creations. To see them hanging in such a beautiful sanctuary not only was inspiration for the worshippers, but to the glory of God. He certainly had to have been smiling to see such a display in His house. To God be all glory!

  3. The church looks very beautiful Di. Such a lot of loving work together making quilts for such good homes. Keep it up St Mark's Quilters!

  4. Too many gorgeous quilts to choose just one! It's a lovely idea which not only decorates the church but reminds people of your group and the needs outside the church.

  5. Heavens, has it been three years? What a lovely display!

  6. How fun is that! However, I couldn't stop looking at your lovely church. Sure hope you had a wonderful Christmas with sweet memories.



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