Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yours, in haste…

I’ve been a little busy this week.

Visiting …


Shopping for plants to replenish our garden after a winter of neglect…


And fondling these fabrics…



I’ll be taking part in the Dots on Dots Blog Hop next month, the perfect excuse to design a project using my happiest and spottiest fabrics. You’ll have to wait till the very last day (20th September) to see my contribution to the fun, but there will be plenty of blogs to visit and admire along the way.

Click on the image below, or the Dots on Dots badge in the upper right hand of this page to see the complete list of bloggers joining in.


Finally, for those of you who’ve been counting, I haven’t forgotten that I have yet to reveal the last of the three quilts I announced that I’d finished in July. You’ve seen the Whirligig Quilt and the Wedding Quilt, and I hope I don’t have to keep you waiting too much longer for Daisy a Day. 



  1. Does this mean your spotty quilt will be Di in dots on more dots?

  2. That pile of dots is scrumptious! I hadn't heard of the the dotd on dots blog hop. That will be a fun one to follow.


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