Monday, August 13, 2012

Two stunning winners at Hunters Hill Quilt Show


Last week it was rose petals at St Mark’s, this week confetti at Hunters Hill Quilt Show.

Periwinkle Confetti, to be exact, an eye-poppingly beautiful quilt made by my friend Heather Watts, one of 10 quilts chosen as winners by the non-quilting guest judge, chef Alex Herbert from the (now closed) Bird, Cow, Fish restaurant in Surry Hills.


Heather’s crisp and pretty style really resonates with me, and Nic Bridges has quilted it to perfection! Take a closer look at those feathers along the border in the photo above, and swoon!





But wait, there’s more! Heather’s Aloha – Flowers of Hawaii won as well! I can almost hear the ukeleles and smell the frangipani.


Actually a little Hawaiian sunshine would be heavenly right now … I’m sure Di B and Gillian would agree. Here’s a momentary shivery pose before all three of us bolted for the car!IMG_9386

Dddddddddddd…Di Winking smile


  1. S-s-s-o glad you got to go to that show and see Heather's creations. I remember seeing her Periwinkle Confetti quilt myself, and remarking how awesome her color choices are. It's a stunning quilt. So is the Hawaiian one. I'm happy for her to have been recognized for her efforts. And good for the three of you to rug-up and visit that blustery day quilt show! I'm lovin' the 90 degree F (32C) here.

  2. What gorgeous quilts! One thing I miss about Sydney is quilt in the Small Smoke there aren't as many, and they are much further away. I used to enjoy Hunter's Hill show, it was always such a high standard.

  3. It is amazing that a day like today could follow that blustery wintry weather of the weekend!

    Heather's quilts are both lovely but the first is my favourite. I, too, appreciate the crisp, clean look. We were talking about fussy cutting in class today and Heather's quilt has some fine examples.

  4. Two very beautiful quilts!! Please let Heather know I loved her quilts!!


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