Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Sometimes saying goodbye can be tough.

Today, just three whirlwind weeks after we swept her up into our arms at the airport, we were back there again to see Sarah off on her long journey back to the USA.

Whilst here she’s caught up with friends and family, been a part of our exciting family wedding, slept (a lot) and made a quilt – a Blanket of Love for RPA Newborn Care’s Intensive Care Nursery.

It’s been exciting having her around the house again, even if Chester has shunned us in favour of his new best friend, Sarah.


He insisted on being part of this photo, simply took his place beside Sarah and refused to budge. Just look at that sad little black face. You can’t tell me he didn’t sense that this would be his last morning with her for who knows how long.


Out at the airport, we drank coffee together and took photos, trying hard to be brave.



Then she was gone, back to “living the dream”. We wouldn’t have it any other way, but we miss her just the same.


If one goodbye is tough, having to say two in one day is just plain heartbreaking.

We said our final farewells to our dear friend Jan this afternoon, and celebrated her long and generous life, a life spent bringing sunshine into the lives of others.

IMG_9661 Through her friendships, her volunteer work, her support for disadvantaged people across the world, and her bright, cheerful outlook on life, Jan made the world a better place for so many people.


For me it was a special privilege to have have been one of “Jan’s Girls”, participants in the morning exercise classes that she conducted locally for around 30 years.

It’s probably not news to you that I’m not a morning person, but after an hour of stretches, marches, jigs and laughter I never failed to leave Jan’s class with a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

Her love of life, of good health, and of her Lord were downright infectious.

Jan's Birthday

Goodbye, dear Jan (and you make sure those angels sit up nice and straight and don’t cross their legs).



  1. Goodbyes are not so good.......but at least you know Sarah is still there on the other end of a phone or computer. She could skype her new best friend!

  2. What a day! Hope tomorrow is not so emotional.


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