Sunday, May 6, 2012

Once upon a time…

…there was a little girl who had two grandmas, an Australian grandma (“Goddie”) and a Korean grandma (“Halmoni”). She was very precious to them both and Goddie sometimes called her “The Princess”.

One day The Princess brought home a note from her school inviting Goddie and Halmoni to Grandparents’ Day.

Her Daddy, who was not very good at passing these things on, only let Goddie know the night before.

But that was OK because she loved The Princess so much that even though she was a little nervous she was happy prepared to hop into her little car, brave the morning rush-hour traffic, drive through the long tunnel under the harbour, and dodge the great big trucks and buses on the highway, in order to get to the school on time.


First Goddie and Halmoni and all the other grandparents went to the big school hall and watched all the children on the stage sing songs. Some of the children held up colourful cardboard squares with big letters spelling out -


The Princess only expected to see Halmoni, so her little face lit up when she saw Goddie as well, waving like a silly clown in the audience.


Then the nice headmaster thanked the grandparents for coming and invited them to visit the classrooms. The Princess showed Goddie and Halmoni her science workbook.IMG_8065

Then she very carefully drew a picture, using her favourite colours.


There were three people in the picture. Can you guess their names?


That’s right - Goddie, The Princess and Halmoni!




The Princess took Goddie’s hand and took her to see the school’s library where they read a book together. Then all the children and their grandparents had sandwiches and cupcakes for morning tea in the playground.

When the bell rang it was time for the grandparents to leave. Halmoni walked home and Goddie hopped into her little car and drove back down the busy highway dodging the great big trucks and buses, and through the long tunnel under the harbour.

This time, though, she was wearing a great big smile!


  1. Ah goddie, you do gladden this grand-childless woman's heart!

    Thank you for sharing the story of Goddie, Halmoni and The Princess

  2. Beautiful. btw the princess has some VERY advanced artistic skills.

  3. What a lovely day it was, for sure! And congratulations on your wedding anniversary, I have been out of circulation for a couple of days and missed the previous post.

  4. A lovely story, well told. I look forward to sharing Grandparents' Day with my Grandchildren but I'm not in a hurry!

    We didn't have Grandparents' Day at school when DD was a student which was perhaps just as well as my parents lived 550km away! And WM's parents were 150km away.


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