Thursday, January 26, 2012

Toe to toe

It seems Gail and I share a similar taste in shoes. Hers are peep toes and mine are ballet flats, but as you can see we both love flowers on our toes.


We’ve both making progress with our Daisy a Day quilts too (though Gail’s calling hers Joseph’s Coat). These pictures were taken last time the English Quilt girls met (I neglected to share them at the time), but they’ll give you an idea of the size of our quilts.


Gail’s beautiful fabrics are Liberty prints, some from the V & A Collection produced last year, and some from Liberty’s modern-day collection. To give this quilt a mellowness befitting such timeless classics she has chosen a self-patterned background in a creamy beige.


My daisy petals are somewhat brighter, perhaps too bright some might say. I’ve cut into my collection of Kaffe Fassett fabrics and added other brights that looked as if they would play well with the Kaffes.


There are even a couple of fabrics that I received as gifts, during the year I’ve been hand piecing my quilt, and a piece of Sarah Fielke’s “From Little Things” range that she sent me for spotting her book “Quilting - From Little Things” in The Brown Bookshop in Bowral.


We’re now so close to finishing hand piecing our quilt tops! It’s not a race, I know, but I can’t help but speculate … who will be finished first? Be right back



  1. Not too bright (in my opinion) - makes it happy and cheery! Gail's is more subtle but they are both beautiful ...and huge!

  2. Totally not too bright! It's gorgeous.

  3. They are coming along just beautifully! I like how different they are from each other. I especially enjoy your bright colors! They are striking!

  4. I adore both versions of your quilts, though your brights make my smile a little brighter. I still very much want to make this quilt. But, I've resolved to give away the three blocks I have hand-appliqued, as well as the background squares and petals I've prepared. If and when I make it, I think I'll hand piece it as you have done. Am I crazy?


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