Sunday, January 1, 2012

It’s 2012 here in Sydney, Australia


You’ll definitely see better photos of Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks display, but perhaps not quite as soon as these. They’re hot off the press, taken just for you with my humble Canon Ixus camera from the street where I live  - all except the above photo of the Sydney Harbour Bridge which I took from the TV.


As usual, the focus of the display was the Bridge, and these (below)were just some of the spectacular effects, with our Sydney Opera House silhouetted against the lights.

NYE 2012 Collage

It’s well past midnight here but the partying goes on in the high-rise apartment buildings that surround us. I predict a few sore heads in the morning Thinking smile



  1. Happy New Year to you, in Australia!! Your pictures came out just gorgeous!!

  2. It's amazing to know how differently Australians celebrate the New Year than we do here in the US. Even New Yorkers in Times Square don't see fireworks! Aussies sure know how to do it up right, sore heads and all! Great photos Di. When my camera dies (even after seven years, it's showing no signs of doing so) I may just look for a Canon. Happy New Year!

  3. Sydney's fireworks are so amazing!! Your photos are great!! We had a quiet one in the Blue Mountains.There were no parties to be heard. May 2012 be a very special year for you.

  4. Happy New year to you. Here it's still 2011. Isn't it confusing?
    Love your pictures. The fireworks must have been awesome.

  5. Happy New Year! Great photos.

  6. We stayed up until midnight though I think secrertly everyone really wanted to go to bed! The fireworks around us terrified both the Grandsons - DD is thinking about taking them away to her in-laws outside Woolgoolga next year!

    May God bless you and keep you close through 2012.

  7. Spectacular! Happy New Year to you!


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