Monday, January 16, 2012

Child’s play

So far Sydney’s summer has had a decidedly soggy feel, but with perfect beach weather last week we enjoyed getting wet with young Jack and his Daddy down at our favourite harbourside beach.IMG_0460

Today, passing through squalls of rain as I drove, I returned to another favourite spot by the water, Di B’s place, for a relaxing and fun day of stitching and chat with friends. The streaks of rain were still clearly visible across the harbour as we sat on the balcony.


With such an inspiring outlook, a cool drink and plenty of laughter I tackled the binding on a quilt that has languished in my cupboard for far too long. It’s a cot-sized “Fishes and Loaves” quilt (from Linda Hungerford’s pattern) for a little one at the KU Marcia Burgess Autism Specific Early Learning and Care Centre at Liverpool, one of the charities St Mark’s Quilters supports.


I do like striped bindings!

The fabrics were all from my stash, and with the rows of sheep, cows, picket fences and apple trees, as well as the little chickens, I think there’s a bit of a farmyard theme going on here.


I hope a little boy or girl from “The Marcia” comes to treasure it one day.IMG_0271

It feels so good to finish a quilt, and I’m happy with this one.


Tonight I’m raising a glass to celebrate - Bottoms up!



  1. Jack is very cute!

    Lovely quilt and I'm beginning to like striped bindings very much.

  2. He's just too darned cute! Love those shades and sun hat. What happened to his chubby (not!) legs!? Your quilt is another winner. It's inspiring to see you and "The Marcia" spending so much time together.

  3. Our winter has been unusual ... not as cold or snowy. I'm okay with that.


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