Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Where’s ya wheelie-bin?*

[As a nod to the fact that it’s Australia Day here tomorrow, this post has a touch of the Aussie vernacular. I hope my American readers will forgive me for being a little silly.]

Where’s ya bin?

I suppose after a week and a half of silence from this end you deserve to know where I’ve bin been.

What if I told you I’ve been on a cruise, relaxing in a deck chair, ice-cold lemon, lime and bitters in one hand, engrossing, mindless page-turner in the other, with nothing but the sea and the sky to look at?

517 At sea

But where’s ya wheelie-bin?

OK, I ain’t bin away I haven’t been away, I’ve been right here, trying to tick off some of my January “To Do’s” while the new year is still in holiday mode and I have to think twice about what day of the week it is when I open my eyes each morning.

At the top of the list has been some tossing out. There’s been some eBay action, which is a rather slow and painful way to de-clutter, and not recommended if you want to see quick results (I still have to look at boxes of sorted eBay items in the corner of my study as the process of selling grinds on). In addition few boxes of household goods have gone off to a charity garage sale, and some unwanted clothes have gone to the  Anglicare bin.

I’ve culled I HAD culled quite a few bags of fabrics that I am growing tired of looking at, or for whom the romance has soured (or which I never really liked at all!). Yes, I HAD culled them – before I saw this scrappy quilt Linda’s making.


So my scraps are staying, but they’re going to be made to work. No more lazing around taking up valuable space in my stash for no reason!

I’ve had a small finish too, another baby-sized quilt to be added to our 2012 St Mark’s Quilters collection for RPA Newborn Care.


My walking foot decided to drag its heels and not walk as evenly as it should, but I was reasonably pleased with my free motion quilted flowers on the feature blocks.


I used a fresh-looking red spot on the back, and bound it with a red fabric with just enough of a fine white pattern to make it interesting.


Finally I added a tiny label, the same one we attach to all our Blankets of Love.


Happy Australia Day, everyone.Thumbs up


* A “wheelie-bin” is a council-issued garbage bin in Australia.

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  1. Happy Australia Day to you too!

    I love that scrappy quilt - it's different and fun!


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