Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bargain shopping

There’s no doubt about it, the January sales are a great way to pick up a bargain – or two!

Spotlight’s been having a “30% off everything” sale and I’ve been resolutely telling myself for a week that I don’t need any more fabric. Really I don’t. But I finally changed my tune yesterday. I would be irresponsible, I told myself, if I didn’t at least make sure I wasn’t missing out on some bargain fabrics for children’s quilts.

So half an hour before our local “Spotty” closed yesterday and the sale ended, I popped in. Just looking, you understand.

And when I found some fabrics going cheep cheap, of course I did the responsible thing.


Here’s what I bought - three bright stripes, just perfect for bindings, some seriously cute chicken fabric, a bright and beautiful yellow blender (because I LOVE yellow in quilts) and an alphabet panel that reminds me of my own schooldays and those classroom reading charts.


Oh, and I also bought these flats in DJs a few days before, just because I loved the flowers Smile


And while we’re on the subject of bargains - If your tastes run to more traditional quilt fabrics, and you live in Australia*, you might like to take a look at my eBay listings.

I’m having a serious de-clutter, selling off some household items, but mostly fabrics I’ve kept for a few years “just because”. These are beautiful fabrics I haven’t been able to bring myself to cut into, from lines such as Moda Chocolat, Peace on Earth, Dominique (not yet listed), and At Water’s Edge, as well as many others, and they include a couple of wide backings. I’ll be adding to the list over the next few weeks so you might like to keep checking back.


* It’s becoming very expensive to post parcels internationally, especially to the United States where an AU$9 surcharge is now imposed on all parcels over 250g to cover necessary security checks. However, if you live outside Australia and really want to purchase / bid on something just let me know and I’ll email you privately with a postage estimate so you will know whether to go ahead or not.


  1. Cute fabrics.....I succumbed to 30% off too, but my fabric was for clothing.

  2. It was mad-natory - err, mandatory - that you buy those cute fabrics. Very justifiable. As for those shoes... they're the bomb. So cute! Happy unstashing!

  3. I recognise some of those fabrics from my own excursion to Spotlight yesterday (post tomorrow hopefully) - they didn't have that lovely alphabet fabric though!


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