Thursday, December 29, 2011

The kindness of quilters

Do you think that might be the collective noun for quilters?

Let’s start with the kindness of one particular quilter, my friend Lindi

Lindi and I have never met face to face, and until last Saturday, when I finally called her up for a chat (so pleased I did!) we didn’t even know the sound of each other’s voice. We both belong to the Australian online group, Southern Cross Quilters, and when my dear father passed away last year it was Lindi who put out the call for “healing hearts” for my mother.

These were just some of the beautiful 6 1/2 inch blocks that began to arrive in my letter box as a result of that request. My mother and I were overwhelmed by the sensitive and gentle messages of sympathy on the squares, and by so many cards and letters enclosed with them.

Healing Hearts Quilt-2

The quilting community is certainly a caring one, and my mother couldn’t believe so many women around Australia would take the time to embroider, applique or piece a token of affection for the mother of a “friend” they only knew online.


I slipped the cards and squares into plastic sleeves in a display folder, and that’s probably where they would have stayed but for the nagging encouragement of another generous friend, Di B.


I used a little subterfuge to spirit the folder away from my mother’s house, and Di and I together chose fabrics my mother would like and which would set the healing hearts off to advantage.

We spent a day machining the squares together and sandwiching the quilt, and then Di ditch-stitched along every seam and free motion stitched around every heart.


Then she handed the quilt back and it was my turn to fill in all the blue areas. Since I always like to “run” before I can “walk”, and I do aspire to free motion quilting feathers (crazy, I know!), I used a stencil and chalk pounce to mark the pattern on the border and made a “courageous” attempt at a feathered vine.

No, you’ll not be seeing any close-ups Winking smile but you can probably just make out the wavy pattern on the border, and the feathered sprigs on each blue square. Let’s just say we all have to start somewhere and there is plenty of room for improvement!


I missed the anniversary of my father’s passing, so I set myself the deadline of Christmas Day to have it quilted and bound – and made it with a day to spare.

Mummy was taken completely by surprise, but filled with delight and happy tears, when she opened the parcel.

Once again we were simply lost for words to express our gratitude to all the Southern Cross Quilters who made the hearts.


If you were one of them, please accept our deepest gratitude.

And as for Lindi and Di B, they’re simply angels in disguise Angel 



  1. What a wonderful story. God bless all who were involved.

  2. Oh, Di, I have tears in my eyes, and goosebumps all the way down to my knees!! What a glorious thing for everyone to do, and how beautiful the quilt turned out. Well done, girls! Happy New Year, to both you and your mom! karen

  3. That Lindi is a dear, isn't she? Though I've never met her either, I feel a kinship with her. She's a very special person. How nice of her to make the request for hearts on your mum's behalf. And what you and Di B did with those hearts is spectacular. I'm certain your FMQ is nicer than you're allowing. What a wonderful surprise for your mother to see the hearts together in a quilt. Once again, it's a heart-warming quilt that your team has put together. Kudos!

  4. I love my healing heart quilt Di.. Out of all my quilts it means the most to me... The kids know they can drag every other the quilt around the house but not that one.. My friend Bernadette quilted it for me. It's a very large quilt and I like to snuggle under it when I'm feeling sad...

  5. lovely quilt Di. Some friends gave me healing hearts when my Dad died almost 4 years ago... they are still in a little pile in my drawer. Maybe it is time to get them out and do something special with them

  6. A beautiful story about beautiful people and a resulting beautiful quilt. Blessings to you all.

  7. You had better send Di B here to nag me. I have a huge amount from 2003 and I sadly am very neglectful about getting hearts made for people these days.
    I did collect all the makings into one bag but has not inspired me enough.

  8. Di - I love the quilt. What a special thing it is for both you and your mum to enable some healing! I made a quilt for my aunt after my nana passed away a few years ago - I embroidered a lot of tea cups and put them together into a quilt to commemorate the tea drinking my aunt missed with her mother. It was important to make it for me, as I was going through my own grieving process, but even more important for my aunt.


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