Friday, October 21, 2011

I love to boast…

…about what talented friends I have!

Look at Margaret’s latest finish, an amazing quilt-as-you-go quilt for her great grandson, Hamish. 

A quilt like this would be an achievement for any quilter, but when the crafter in question is eighty-something years young and has only been making quilts for 2 years  I think she deserves all the accolades I know you, dear readers, are going to send her way (in your comments).


As a graduate of Stitchin’ Mission here at St Mark’s Darling Point (Australia) Margaret knows how important it is to label her quilts so future generations will always know who made them. This label was composed by Margaret, created in Publisher by me, and printed on Printed Treasures fabric by Di B. It was easy.


What better reward could a great grandma ask for but a beaming smile and a big hug from a little boy who’ll be reminded how much she loves him every time he snuggles under that wonderful quilt for years to come.


Great job, Margaret!



  1. I'll say it's a great job! Margaret's a star quilter who has a natural ability, for sure! I love the last photo. They look so snuggly happy together under the quilt. Margaret, "ya done good!" (as my mum would say).

  2. When I saw this comment, I was moved...
    Bravo Margaret for this magnificent but not easy quilt.... I have make 2 table centre-pieces with this technique and I am not sure to make a quilt! Furthermore, it is a beautiful way of being held in shape... Have a good day..
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    Sylvie-Anne du Québec

  3. Three cheers for Margaret! Hurah, hurrah, hurrah!

  4. It looks wonderful. And it will never "date" as he grows older, either. What a wonderful loving gift.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous quilt. What a big creative energy you have to conceive and complete such a beautiful collection of colours. Your great grandson is a lucky lucky boy!


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