Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Paddington Patchworkers Breast Cancer Morning Tea

Statistically you’d expect to find them in a group the size of ours, and you do. Breast cancer survivors, strong, positive women getting on with their lives and making the most of every day.


Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, accounting for 27% of all cancer diagnoses in 2007, and one in nine women will be diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 85. 

So when Breast Cancer Day rolls around each October we at Paddington Patchworkers usually hold a morning tea and do our best to raise funds for breast cancer research.

Yesterday our quilters brought along these delicious treats (and more!).

Paddo Patchworkers Breast Cancer Morning



We brought handmade goods for a stall too, but I think I must have been too busy sampling Charlyn’s lavender-topped cupcakes to get a photo before the stall was cleaned out by eager buyers.

Same story with the lucky door prize hamper of quilty bits and pieces (this time I’ll blame Di B’s scones with jam and cream for distracting me).


Amazingly some industrious types even managed a little stitching.

Janet worked on her scallops.


Jillian and Glenda stitched away at their embroideries.




Rae was making more hexagons for her grandmother’s flower garden quilt.




Gail was smocking a little Liberty print dress for her granddaughter.


Julie worked on her applique.


Sue sewed the binding down on this zippy strippy quilt as some of us made a mental note to make a quilt like this ourselves.


Hannah brought along a spectacular quilt top for show and tell, the very first quilt her daughter has made – pieced completely by hand. I’m loving this one!IMG_1363

And Di B and her lovely mum Margaret just enjoyed the fun.


How much did around 20 Paddington Patchworkers raise? The very respectable sum of $550. Well done, girls.



  1. It's hard to believe quilters actually worked on their projects with all those yummies so close to hand! These are great pictures and tell a good story. Such an industrious and generous group. The embroidery, smocking, EPP, applique and hand-pieced projects are all very nice looking. The last photo is my fav.

  2. You certainly are an industrious lot. I must admit the cake stand looked wonderful. Is it yours, I might borrow the idea, it was just so nice.

    How nice that you and your friends went to all that trouble for the Breast Cancer, I will be attending several morning teas here. Keep up the good work.

  3. That's wonderful - congratulations!


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