Saturday, October 22, 2011

BOMs away!

Most of the Block of the Month quilts I’ve seen in the past have been expensive, time-consuming and required me to commit to a lengthy contract. I’ve always imagined myself burdened with the pressure to keep up my “homework” each month lest I fall behind. I have enough pressure in my life, thank you very much, so consequently I’ve steered clear of BOMs.

Until now.


Circles of Life by Jenny of Elefantz is great value (unbelievable, in fact), runs over just 6 months (perfect for those of us with commitment issues) and is the sweetest little embroidered and pieced quilt I’ve seen in a long while.


Better still, Jenny has cleverly broken up the monthly assignments so that they are do-able for even the busiest person. That embroidery is so portable that it can be whipped out whenever there’s a spare moment.


This month’s BOM was in fact six! But they’re all mini-blocks, and took no time at all. As you can see, I haven’t quite finished my homework yet. I need to trim these blocks down and machine a border around each one.







Circles of Life is just one of the delightful little patterns Jenny publishes in her Elefantz Home online magazine every month.

Are you working on Jenny’s Circles of Life quilt too?



  1. Di, these are fantastic! You're right about it being one of the sweetest ones I've seen.

  2. They are so, so cute! Your workmanship is wonderful. No, I'm not doing this one, but I'm immensely enjoying watching you do it! Do continue to share your progress.

  3. So sweet! I have not yet committed myself to BOMs, swaps or QALs!

  4. These are so sweet, I have 2 BOM's on the go at present, and both are in the final stages which is the hard part. I am running 2 months behind on one so I know what you mean about homework, but it is the last 2 blocks and I have lost interest a bit, but they are always there for when I get inspired by this quilt again.

  5. What a fun stitching project. 6 monthsa sounds very doable. Thanks for the link.


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