Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Making and giving

At St Mark’s Quilters we love to make quilts for others. Mostly we make them for charitable organisations who know best how to use them.

But sometimes those “others” are simply people near and dear to us. And sometimes we don’t even make quilts.

Look at this jazzy Patchwork Cat tapestry that Kirstin was working on today for a special gift. What a winning combination – such a sweet smile,  colours that sing (jazz, of course!), a sprinkling of hearts, a sassy crown and the patchwork pussy cat herself. I really love this!


For those enquiring minds who want to know, the kit can be purchased online from Jolly Red (in the UK) or Mosman Needlecraft (in Australia)*


Michelle was knitting a very special doll for her granddaughter, complete with her very own hipster wardrobe. Again, anticipating eager cries of “Where can I get it?”, I took a photo of the pattern book and went a-Googling.


The 32 page AK Traditions classic hand knitted doll book (shown below) is available online from AK Traditions in Melbourne (Australia) and really appeals to my “inner child”. When I was researching where my readers could buy this book I saw that they also have what looks like an amazing book of patterns for even more knitted accessories for these dolls*


Perdita’s daughter was married in August, and having shared the excitement of the wedding planning each month everyone wanted to see the album of photos she brought along today.

Not only did the mother of the bride, the bridesmaid (Perdita’s other daughter)and the bride herself look stunning, but they were elegantly accessorised with a simple bunch of hot pink sweet peas carried by the bridesmaid, and snowdrops carried by the bride.


Perdita had even more to “show and tell” – a Double Irish Chain wedding quilt of more than 2,000 2 inch squares that she has lovingly (and accurately!) pieced together for the happy couple. Just the borders to come, then the quilting. Watch this space.


And finally, just so we all felt part of the happy occasion, she brought along some wedding cake (which she had made herself). Wonderful!



* In case you’re wondering, I’ve not received sponsorship from any of these companies ( – but samples are always welcome Winking smile)


  1. Delightful projects!! What a pretty 'mother of the bride'! She doesn't look old enough:)! The quilt is just gorgeous.

  2. Sounds like a fun day - the cat is so colourful and fun and the dolls are cute. The wedding quilt is something to aspire to for this novice!

  3. What a nice post about all sorts of craftiness. Those dolls are adorable. I'm pretty sure one would likely need to know more than the garter stitch to be able to produce such a cutie. Perdita's quilt is a beauty. And that wedding cake looks unusual, and probably tasted divine. Love seeing all the goodness that's coming out of St. Mark's these days. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ohhhhh traditional wedding cake - fruit cake AND marzipan....oh my how I miss that at weddings these days....
    Love all the craft work. Cleverbunch, you lot are! :)


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