Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mug mats, and gratitude (1)


Mug mats are the talk of the quilting blogosphere, and with two of the most special quilting ladies I know having birthdays this month I decided to ‘get with the program’ and make them each a mug mat.


The first was for Margaret. She’s a soft pastel pink, floral, traditional kind of lady, but with a wicked sense of humour.


I’ve had that roses and ribbons fabric for quite a few years not daring to cut into it. We all have pieces like that don’t we?  This pretty fabric was just so Margaret that I took a deep breath … and sliced off just enough for her mug mat.


Can you guess who the other was for?


My whacky and gorgeous friend, Moo, of course! If you look back through my blog you’ll see I’m making rather slow work of using up this fabric I bought a few years ago just for making gifts for Moo!

Remember what I made for her birthday last year?


Moo’s mug mat is a little wonky, not perfectly straight up and down, because Moo herself likes to bend the rules and surprise us Smile


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  1. Gorgeous gifts for gorgeous people! You've done a lovely job, Di. I hope Margaret and Moo think about you every time they enjoy a cuppa.


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