Sunday, March 27, 2011

A regular army of hippopotami…*


Young Jack, it seemed, was far too comfortable to make his entry into the world on his due date, sparing no thought for his poor Goddie who was simply bursting with the anticipation of both meeting this little bub and revealing his quilt – not to mention you, my dear blog reader, patiently waiting ….

So here’s the thing.


My son loved his red, white and blue cotton hippopotamus curtains (designed by Pamela Walker in 1975) as a child, and I only recently discovered he’d kept them all these years. They are about to hang in Jack’s room (as soon as I’ve let the hems down).

When he found a table lamp in the same fabric a few months ago he was very excited, and so was I! It meant those hippos were still out there somewhere, and if I could track them down I’d have the beginnings of a baby quilt.


After some discreet big game hunting googling I tracked the fabric down here at Sprout Design, an Australian textile design collective where it’s now being screen printed on 50% bamboo/50% cotton.

And here’s the result, a complete surprise to the new parents Smile 

(Warning: Crazy-woman-with-camera alert!)







* From Flanders and Swann’s Hippopotamus Song

Mud, mud, glorious mud…


  1. It's so awesome! How fun that the fabric is still around!!

  2. Hi Di

    I love that quilt, it is so cool, and how awesome to have matching curtains and table lamp. I'm sure they will be thrilled.

  3. Gorgeous! How amazing the fabric still being around!

  4. I love the fabric and how fun that you could find it for them. Congratulations on the new baby! blessings, marlene

  5. How darned cute is that!? Is it simply a fabric panel? Or did you have to cut and sew sections? I bet mum and dad were thrilled when they saw it. This is just a perfect quilt. I've always been fond of "cute" hippos, and this definitely qualifies.

  6. Fantastic blog!!! Always knew you were nuts, but this confirms it ... loved the movie. I am sure Jack will absolutely love his wonderful quilt, and I can only imagine how his Dad was overwhelmed to see it. Well done, and enjoy every minute you can get with der Jack Elvis.

  7. isnt that brilliant! I'll bet his dad will be happy and amazed! Well done Di!


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