Monday, March 14, 2011

Did you hear the bells?

Anyone in the vicinity of the St Mark’s Quilters monthly workshop last Saturday would have heard more than the usual peals of laughter coming from the church on the hill.

On this occasion there were peals of bells – eight in fact – as our bellringers rang a quarter peal in our honour!

Di B and I couldn’t wipe the grins off our faces when we were invited to join them in the belltower at the end. We had to negotiate a steep, narrow, Harry Potter-like sandstone spiral staircase to reach the chamber where the action took place.

Ringing down the bells at the end.

Bell ringing 015

Apologies to the neighbours for the random ‘ding-dongs’ afterward when Di and I were allowed to try our hand at tolling the bells Winking smile

Bell ringing 017

That’s Amanda on the right. She’s a real bellringer, and a St Mark’s Quilter!

Bell ringing 019

I think we’ll stick to quilting – just negotiating those stairs was challenge enough!


  1. We had the priviledge of being invited into the bell tower at the Anglican Church in Singleton, during a performance between services. Apparently, there is an organisation for campanologists and when they travel anywhere in the world, they can organise to be able to ring the bells in any church. Unfortunately, many bell towers these days have had their bell pulls replaced by recorded music and even though it still sounds good, there is nothing like the sound of the actual bells pealing!

  2. How cool is that!! Wow - I would love to ring a real bell-tower bell! :D

  3. I bet that was fun! Have you ever seen the episode of 'Midsomer Murders' with the theme of bell ringing?


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