Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quilt love

Long term readers of my blog might recall the quilt I made for my wonderful mother-in-law in 2008. It was a gift to celebrate her 80th birthday in 2007, but took a little longer than planned Embarrassed smile


My MIL is a very youthful octogenarian, extroverted and great fun, and she loves to wear bright colours, so I used lots of Kaffe (and Kaffe-like) fabrics in her quilt.

I love the fabric on the back far too much to ever cut it up, so this was the perfect way to use it.


She mentioned a few weeks ago that it needed a wash and I offered to do it for her. She drove by and dropped it in this morning on her way to work. Yes, she still works!

When I handed over the newly-completed quilt 3 years ago it was crisp, bright and the quilting lines were clear and sharp.

But today my quilt feels so different – it feels loved!



Holding it in my arms before I popped it into the washing machine for a gentle wash, I realised how much softer and smoother it felt after being used constantly. I could feel the love in that quilt.

I hope she feels it too.


  1. What a bright and beautiful quilt! How could it not be loved? It's nice of you to clean and freshen it for her, and give us a chance to see it.

    Do you have a grandbub yet?

  2. Oh Di, that is really beautiful. It's a wonderful quilt; as you know I love the bright colours and you have done a fabulous job with this quilt. "Feeling the love" is just fantastic and made me rush upstairs to have a hold of one of the first quilts I made - for our Mum - and I can appreciate what you are saying. Your MIN is so lucky to have you in her life, as I am also - you are such a beautiful lady. XXX


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