Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And so that was Christmas…

Where did it go? In a blur of eating, drinking, present exchanging, laughter, tears and photo snapping.IMG_8620

Quite a few years ago as my father was tucking into a serve of 5 cent coin-filled Christmas pudding, he began to cough. He coughed and coughed, and finally, with a grin, held out his palm to show a gleaming $2 coin!

The following year the same thing happened, only this time the currency eventually revealed was a $5 note!

You get the picture, I’m sure, as the same scenario was played out each year with Daddy pretending to choke on some money in the pudding, and the currency progressing from coins to notes, and eventually to credit cards!

With his recent passing I had hoped for a homage involving at least an iTunes card this year, but it was decided, quite rightly, that Daddy’s was too hard an act to follow.

But there was rosemary for remembrance.IMG_8615 And instead of Daddy’s party trick there was some hilarious silliness involving whistles from our Christmas bon-bons on which we spectacularly unsuccessfully played Christmas carols under the direction of our my brother as musical conductor.

And for those of you interested in such things, finally this year my sister and I did NOT wear the same color on Christmas Day – and we didn’t even consult!BubDiHeartsIMG_8622



  1. You won't need to repeat your Father's act, Di. It will be talked about every year when the pudding is served. A lovely Christmas memory.

  2. Oh, what a sweet sweet memory about your Dad.

  3. Family traditional remembrances are wonderful, aren't they? We had some good laughs too, remembering our mother would would have so enjoyed Christmas with 26 of us! I'm glad you could enjoy TRYING to replicate your dad's silliness. He must have been a very fun fellow. You and your sister look lovely together, and I particularly like the Christmas tree bling you're each wearing. Happy new year too!


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