Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas to every one of you!


This Christmas will be the saddest I’ve known, but at the same time one of the happiest.

Sad because it will be my first without my darling father.

I’ll miss him sitting at the head of the Christmas table grinning and wearing his silly party hat.

I’ll miss his corny “Dad jokes”, and I’ll miss his kisses and hugs as we all arrive.

Not that we need any reminder, but as a token of remembrance of Daddy this year we’re putting a sprig of rosemary in each place at the table - and there might even be some sort of hommage to his long-running Christmas party trick*.

But my heart is full as well because this year I have two  Christmas celebrations to look forward to, and for the second one my entire family will be together. How wonderful is that!

Thank you to all my loyal readers who encourage me with your comments. I wish you a peaceful, safe Christmas that refreshes and renews your spirit, and God’s richest blessings in the coming year.



*More about this in a future post!


  1. Di, wishing you joy at Christmas - it will be sad without your father, but it will still be a family celebration.

  2. wishing you a blessed christmas and a peaceful time after the frenetic pace of services at church.

  3. My heart is sad for you too, Di. And full of happiness for you that your entire family will be together this year. Us too! All 26 of us haven't been together since 2007, so Sunday will indeed be special. Blessings on all of your family for a beautiful - and full-of-trickery - time together. I'll be watching for your blog post! Merry Christmas dear friend!

  4. They say the first is the hardest when someone you love has gone before you, but I find that I miss them more every year. Perhaps that's God's way of getting me ready to join them someday. I've enjoyed our blog friendship so much! Merry Christmas and blessings, marlene

  5. Hello Di,

    I hope you had blessed Christmas! :) Have a Happy New Year!


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