Monday, May 31, 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum

The Roman forum is breathtaking, especially when you live in a country where the oldest buildings date from the early 1800s.  A country the ancient Romans who walked these streets never dreamed existed.

It tickled me to think that Julius Caesar’s sandaled feet might have shuffled along this very street.IMG_4159 But apart from my fantasies, the Roman forum had plenty to make us smile today.

IMG_4179 As we arrived at the Via dei Fori Imperiali, the sun was shining,  church bells were ringing in the distance (in Rome church-bells are seldom not heard somewhere in the distance) - and the PA system was blasting out John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John singing “Hot Summer Nights”!  IMG_4165 Preparations were in full swing for the upcoming celebrations commemorating the establishment of the Republic of Italy on 2nd June 1948.  Tiered seating was being bolted together, TV cameras were positioned for the best pictures, and I can confirm the PA system sound trials broadcast loud and clear!

Not just an archaeological site, the forum is a popular place for bridal photo shoots, and these were two of the funniest bridal cars we saw waiting nearby.  IMG_4154Take a look at the horns on the front of this one – four! IMG_4154-1 This one wins hands-down for cuteness.IMG_4176 And finally, here’s the Emporer Tiberias, relegated to the back stalls but nevertheless practising his cheering for the big parade.


 IMG_4170 You’ve got to smile :-))


  1. So you really are in Europe Di, I thought you were just playing one of those Facebook games LOL
    Lucky you! We haven't been in Rome since 1969, looks like nothing much has changed except for the erection and the cars ;-)
    cheers Pennie

  2. How amazing. I'd love to go to Rome.


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