Friday, May 28, 2010

Selvedge (or Selvage) Backpack Bag (1)

Selvedges, selvages…whatever you call them in your corner of the world, an appreciation for these “ugly ducklings” is  growing fast.  Where once they would have been tossed out as scraps, savvy quilters are saving these skinny strips to create “swans” like these by my friend Erica.
Then there’s Jodie from Ric Rac who does amazing work like this, and selvedge queen Karen Griska
It’s taken me a while, but seeing the travelling bag Linda made for her recent visit Downunder gave me just the nudge I needed.IMG_3946 I used the  Chelsea Tote with Acrylic Bag-E-Bottom pattern by Lazy Girl designs because I’ve made it up before and find the step-by-step photographed instructions foolproof. You can choose for yourself whether or not to wear it with the acrylic bag base because it's removable for washing.Selvedge bag 1 Instead of the tiny pocket on the front of the original bag I’ve created a large one that exactly fits my sketchbook/notebook.  And I’ve added a zipped pocket to the back.Selvedge bag 7


  1. You've done a wonderful job. The bag is gorgeous.

  2. looks fabulous. Have you ever watched her demonstrating her patterns on KayeWood TV?
    I have started saving my selvages since buying Eric's pincushion. Display only still.


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