Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cupcake Stitchery excitement!

Look what arrived in a box on my doorstep last week -  the latest about-to-be-released issue of Quilters Newsletter with a feature article by Linda Hungerford on how Australian quilters are using stitchery.  It’s beautifully written, warm, and informative (and I’d be saying that even if she weren’t a quilting ‘bestie’).

QNM Cover

 IMG_4081 But why the box? (I hear you asking)

Because the QNM folks were returning this little stitchery creation to me after photographing it for Linda’s article.  Stifled excitement here!Cupcake Stitchery5Watermark

Cupcake Stitchery3 Along with seven other Australian stitchers – Julie Donovan, Cheryl Goss, Gail Pan, Jan Quigley, Jenny Reynolds, Carol Richardson and Vicki Tucek – Linda interviewed me for her article when she was out here last November. 

In addition we were all invited to design and submit a mini-quilt showcasing our work, and Gail’s sweet Little House quilt was chosen to be written up as a project. 

I was certainly in distinguished company with these talented gals, and the whole exercise has been a very exciting one for me.  Gosh, I now have a creation of mine photographed in QNM not once, but twice (one’s in the table of contents).

Let’s not mention that said photos are a mere 5cm across. IMG_4083 Perhaps this might fill 10 seconds of my allotted 15 minutes of fame!


  1. Your cupcake stitchery is charming, just like you. And I've been gazing at your little round table-topper for way longer than ten seconds! Gosh you've gotten at least a whole minute of fame just from me alone!

    It's good to know you received your piece back safely from Colorado, and a copy of the magazine too. How special it was to interview each of you... every one a warm, Australia lady and quilter/stitcher.

    You have so much talent, Di. I'm proud to know you.

  2. Congrats, Di! Your stitchery is beautiful - just like all the work you do. :)

  3. Wow, Di! World famous Di now! Congratulations!

  4. Two photos and still you reckon that's only worth 10 seconds?? Welllll I can't wait to see the other 14min 50secs LOL


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