Friday, March 19, 2010

Hexagon eye candy!

Four out of the seven of us were working on various versions of Frederica Josephson’s quilt at The English Quilt Group at Gail’s yesterday.

After studying the way in which the original quilt seems to glow brightly in the centre, becoming darker as the hexagons radiate out, Ann’s given a lot of thought to her colour placement and is taking her own sweet time with a beautifully balanced design.IMG_3428IMG_3429Gail’s is around 108 inches of girly, floral gorgeousness, and she thinks it might be time to stop and hand quilt it.  Yes, I did say hand quilt!IMG_3426   IMG_3427

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  1. I've just started the same thing using Japanese fabrics and it's lots of fun playing with fussy cutting. Yours is beautiful Di.


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