Sunday, August 19, 2007

Priceless in Palermo

Getting lost with Boak in Palermo, finding ourselves in a small piazza way off the beaten track, meeting a little priest and being invited in to see the painting by Van Dyck that he has in his church.

Being ushered by our friendly little priest through the church, then through a curtain to a back room, a kind of vestry, where the painting (rather in need of a good restorer’s touch) was hanging, and having our own private viewing of the masterpiece.

Being led on further, to a room beyond this, and proudly shown a splendidly decorated, hand painted beamed ceiling from around 1400.

Telling the priest (as we left our donation to the Restoration Fund) that Boak is a priest too and seeing the excited little man beam, exclaim “Anglicano!” and pinch Boak’s cheek like a little boy’s – Priceless!

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