Monday, August 6, 2007

Ballaro Markets in Palermo

The Ballaro Markets stretch for several kilometres along the narrowest of alleys in the centre of Palermo, and sell fruit and vegetables, fish, meat, clothing, and (probably pirated) CDs and DVDs.
Though we had been warned about security in these places, we found no problem, though we did hold tightly to our bags which we wore across our bodies.
People were very friendly and welcoming, and we bought a couple of bananas to snack on - not wishing to risk a repeat of our alimentary disaster of two years ago by eating fresh fruit. There is not a rubber glove in sight, and the meat and fish sits out in the open.
You can also buy tiny LIVE!!!!!(yuk!) snails which are displayed in baskets and crawl out from time to time.


  1. I don't mind snails in garlic butter, but I have never seen edible ones uncooked. They look so much cleaner and clearer than our garden variety ones. Thank goodness!

  2. Just as well we don't eat garlic...there can never be any mistake about eating snails as you'd ahve to drown them in garlic to overcome the nausia from the lookof them!!!! But they do look quite cute sliming around in their basket!


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