Wednesday, August 8, 2007

An Evening at the Palazzo Normanii [2]

After we'd finished in the Cappella Palatina we climbed the wide, shallow steps of the Renaissance stair case to the Sala Gione (Yellow Room) in the area of the Palazzo where the Sicilian Parliament sits, where we were to hear a very long philosophical address in Italian. Even with the English translation in my hand the content was way over my head - but it was so exciting to be here in this magnificent room for a function.

Ironically, Boak and I had been here yesterday morning, and had been taken on a guided tour (incomprehensible - it was entirely in Italian) where hawk-eyed official guards watched our every move and absolutely no photos were allowed. So, as soon as we were allowed into the Sala Gione, I began clicking away with gay abandon, my plan being to get as many photos taken as I could before I was rapped over the knuckles. I need not have worried because soon there were hundreds of flashes going, and this time it seemed to be officially sanctioned.

Just look at that ceiling which, I think, shows King Roger arriving to conquer the Arabs who were here before the Normans.

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