Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fine? dining in Manciano

This is a wild boar, a stuffed one. He's called a cinghiale and we've eaten him in many forms this week - casseroled, roasted, skewered, cured, and minced on crostini. He's delicious!!!

And this is the view over Manciano, at dusk (around 9pm) from our regular table at our favourite trattoria. We loved it so much we ate here every night this week, and even had our regular table. Manciano isn't one of the most picturesque towns, but it's quite pretty and romantic on a balmy summer night at dusk nevertheless. We even danced (just one dance) one night!

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  1. I'm loving keeping up with your Blog Di, you do a brilliant job with photos and text... makes me want to go back there. cheers Pennie


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