Friday, July 27, 2007

Five things I'm loving about Rome

1. Not having to wait in long queues to gain entrance to museums etc, as we had expected. Even the queue for the Vatican Museums yesterday which, when we arrived, snaked down the hill from the entrance, right along another road, and round another corner almost to St Peter’s Basilica (gulp!), moved steadily, and we were inside in around 40 minutes.

2. Eating ‘al fresco’ in the cool of the evening at sidewalk cafes full of character, and watching the locals 'fare la passegiata'. But just who is watching whom??

3. Free public toilets! No longer is one met with the ubiquitous grim-faced old woman indicating, with a demanding arthritic finger, a saucer on a table where money must be left before toilet paper will be issued. Whee! (or should that be wee?!?)

4. Gelati.

5. Friendly Italians. Today, as I was looking up and down a busy road for a pedestrian crossing, a distinguished looking gentleman actually stopped his Mercedes and motioned for me to cross. Being past the age of expecting to get my bottom pinched in Rome, it’s nice to be on the receiving end of such gallantry.
(Or have I now become the proverbial “little old lady”?!?!?)

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