Thursday, July 26, 2007

Am I having fun yet? You bet!

I’m here in beautiful Changi Airport on our first stop, amidst the lush indoor fern gardens, brilliantly coloured orchids. And shops - lots of them! Stretching as far as the eye can see. So many that I found it easy to become quite disorientated – or was that just the heady excitement of all those computer shops with the latest gizmos and gadgets?

I’ve stitched for most of the Sydney-Singapore flight, and already have two Ohio Star blocks (in predominantly Kaffe Fassett fabrics) completed towards a quilt I’m making to give to a special person later this year. Watched a Sandra Bullock movie, “Premonition”, similar to “Sliding Doors” but not as neatly put together or as gentle.

Our flight to Rome boards in half an hour, and we’ll be there by morning (after passing a very long night in the air). It’s 12.30am. I hope Boak turns up by boarding time. He was last sighted cantering towards the Mont Blanc shop, nostrils flaring with excitement, to check out the pens. We all have our addictions!

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