Sunday, July 22, 2007

Almost there...

Well, we're almost ready to stagger onto the plane tomorrow and be whisked off to sunny - and rather hot - Italy. Why is it that those last few days before a holiday are always filled with the frantic finishing off of so many loose ends in one's life? Or is it just me being anal? - I suspect so!

On Friday morning I had my hair done, then we gave a sausage sizzle for the tradesmen who have been working so hard on the renovations to prepare the flat for Ben, Sunny and Alexanne to move in next week.

I spent the afternoon with the wonderfully creative ladies of our church handcraft group, stitching and enjoying some fabulous "Show and Tell". June (photo above) is working on a king size crochet quilt for her granddaughter, and it's looking stunning! Ina, holding the quilt with June, is a self-styled "natterer": she used to be an accomplished dressmaker, but macula degeneration prevents her sewing these days, and so she comes along for the company, and adds lots of laughter to the group.

When they had all left it was time to tackle some more items from my "To Do" list, so I cleaned out the two fridges before dinner. Phew! It's a good feeling, though.

Boak has had his own busy schedule, including working alongside the painter from time to time, and he'll be more than ready for a break next week.
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