Monday, January 21, 2013

What a surprise!

Michaela is a friend who grasps life with both hands.

She’s been a nanny, so she knows what little people like and she makes really fun quilts for children. We love that she is part of St Mark’s Quilters.

In fact, she was a founding member after graduating from Linda Hungerford’s Stitchin’ Mission at our church in 2009, the only SM ever held outside the USA.

Michaela 1

Michaela’s always been full of surprises. 

When she announced that she was spreading her wings and doing a course to become a chocolatier we at St Mark’s Quilters were right behind her, making the supreme sacrifice of eating all her samples (all in the name of quality control, of course).


When she auditioned for the competition of TV show Masterchef we cheered her on. No food samples were involved, but we’re not bitter. Not at all.


We knew our Michaela was fearless and always up for a fresh challenge, but her latest feat has left us gasping with surprise and delight!


Woooohoooo!!! Skydiving!!!!

Michaela, you are a legend and we love you, but this is one challenge where we’re more than happy to stand on the sidelines and applaud.

From a great distance Winking smile

Red rose Di


  1. She is braver than I! Best wishes in all you do, Michaela.

    1. I'm proud to have such a courageous friend as Michaela so I can enjoy my thrills vicariously through her achievements.

  2. Oh wow. What a brave girl. This old duck would never be so brave. Go girl. Another job to tick off the bucket list. You achieve so much. Well do e xxx.

  3. I love seeing all the great things this beautiful young woman tries... and is willing to try! I'd be delighted to test her chocolatier skills, but would definitely pass at skydiving with her. She's fun to watch though!


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