Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Appreciating the small stuff

Some of this week’s Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day prompts really set me thinking. Here’s what I came up with.

Day 15 - An ordinary moment

Day 15 – An ordinary moment.

Having my hair cut for the last time by my hairdresser of about 5 years. She’s moving to another country, and having a baby, and I’ll really miss her.

That’s pretty ordinary (for me) Crying face - but exciting for her Open-mouthed smile.

Day 16 - Two things

Day 16 – Two things

I love Georg Jensen designs, and these salt and pepper grinders are great favourites.

Day 17 - Ready

Day 17 – Ready

What can I say? With my nails freshly manicured and painted I‘m ready for anything!

Day 18 - Shadow

Day 18 – Shadow

This one’s from my archives (I took it last January). I just love the play of sun and shadow on my garden lawn in the late afternoon.


Day 19 - Delicious

Day 19 – Delicious

One of my favourite summer fruits, a ripe mango – so juicy that it’s best eaten over a sink or in a bath!

Day 20 - Something you saw

Day 20 – Something you saw.

This water dragon is one of several that live in the grounds of my mother’s home. He was very cheeky last Sunday and came right up to the glass door to listen in on our conversation!

Day 21 - What you do

Day 21 – What you do

Of all the activities in my life I chose to highlight the one that keeps me (reasonably) sane – quilting. It’s not the most important thing I do, or even the most useful, but I enjoy it.

Red rose Di


  1. Oh how I love every one of your photos! I appreciate the serious sadness over the loss of your hair stylist. A good one is not easy to find. Perhaps we'll next see you with long hair!? Those salt/pepper shakers are beautiful; I've never seen anything like them. Your hands, nails and rings are so pretty. Who would guess that you'd paint your nails pink?! Ha! Love the garden photo and shadow, and that mango has my mouth watering. I remember how good they are, and how no mango we can get here in the US (from Mexico) begins to compare to Australian mangos. Your spotlight photo of the water dragon is perfect - excellent photography! And as always, your quilting is gorgeous. You are so good at choosing fabrics and putting together beautiful quilts. I love every one you create. This is simply a beautiful post!

  2. I love the picture of the shadow in your yard, with the high rise building in the back, like a little piece of country in the city.
    And I love the quilt! I can't imagine my life without quilting!

  3. I think your quilts are very useful and important!

    It's hard changing hairdressers -- I think I've only ever done it five times in forty years!

  4. The Water Dragon is beautiful, but not as pretty as your quilt. Lovely job.


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