Thursday, January 17, 2013

Did you see that week?

The one that just whizzed by while I wasn’t looking?

My life this week has been full of both marvellous and mundane moments, but I’ve never been too busy to take my daily photos for Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day Challenge, and here’s my weekly round-up (it’s even a little quilty!).

Day 8 - Something beginning with T

Day 8 – Something beginning with T

Tomatoes planted as seedlings by Boak the week before he died, and watered, staked and tied by me. They’re fruiting in abundance, and it’s an absolute joy to collect them each day. To make a salad I add baby bocconcini and torn basil leaves (also from Boak’s veggie garden), drizzle with extra virgin olive  oil, and top with ground pepper and sea salt. Yummmm…. 

Day 9 - Paper

Day 9 – Paper

Gift-wrapping paper printed with antique quilts. I love it so much I may never use it!

Day 10 - 1 o'clock

Day 10 – 1 o’clock

Day 11 - Water

Day 11 – Water

One from my archives – floating on the Dead Sea during our trip to Israel and Jordan last year. What you can’t see are the life guards on the shore with loud hailers making sure everyone floats belly-up! Try to float face-down and you risk swallowing this water, or getting it in your eyes, and you could be very ill. The ambulances are already lined up nearby!Day 12 - Surprise

Day 12 – Surprise

Mr J loves playing with this jack-in-the-box when he comes to visit.

Day 13 - Circle

Day 13 – Circle

A block from a beautiful free quilt pattern, Circles of Life, designed by Jenny of Elefantz an couple of years ago. I must confess although I’ve finished all the embroidery this quilt is still a work in progress. Maybe I ought to do something about this state of affairs. Very soon.

Day 14 - Something yellow

Day 14 – Something yellow

I’ve been piecing these cheerful hexagons together to make a block for a group quilt being made by members of the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild. I’ve made two blocks, the other one being bright pink! The design is semi-secret for now (it’ll be on display at the Sydney Quilt Show in June) but let me just say it will be gorgeous!

Red rose Di


  1. A week already... but sure do enjoy your pictures. Isn't just the most lovely thing to have the fruit of Boak's garden. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oooh, love those yellow hexies......can never have too much yellow, can we? I'm sure Boak would be pleased to know you are reaping what he sowed.

  3. Yum, I love home grown tomatoes. Bruschetta springs to mind while you talk of salads!

    That "Circle of Life" embroidery is gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing your week with me!

  4. Pictures of such random things in your life are so fun to see! You take really good photos, and I especially like the one of you floating. Your Circle of Life design is so pretty. Val Laird is offering a free embroidery BOM this year. You doing that one?

  5. Oh, those tomatoes look heavenly!! Fun time there at the Dead Sea - hilarious about the ambulances. :)

  6. I so enjoy your pictures from your life, Di! Savor every one of those tomatoes!!!!

  7. You really are a cracker - always looking for those little quirky things!! The tomatoes are a super achievement and I know your man would be so proud of you. The watch, the dip in the Dead Sea, the Jack in a Box, the hexagons, and that beautiful block - super. Keep up the good work. xxx


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