Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Joseph’s Coat finish! (not mine)

Only four of us could make it, but after a break of several months it was great to have at least some of the English Quilt girls back stitching together at Gail’s place last week.

The big excitement was the showing of Gail’s finished Joseph’s Coat quilt, all hand pieced and hand quilted as mine was.


She started with a charm pack of reproduction Liberties from the V & A, a gift from Rae who went across to London for the big exhibition of historic quilts in 2011.


Then Robbie gave her a bag of modern Liberty scraps, which played perfectly together with the older designs and gave the quilt a little more pizzazz with their cleaner colours.

The finished quilt has the definite appearance of an antique quilt because of all the extra quilting Gail did – little leaf shapes in the negative spaces, and 1/4 inch quilting inside every “petal”. Hasn’t she done a wonderful job?


Not one to stand still for long, Gail quickly launched herself into a new applique project, destined to become a decorative wallhanging.


She’s copying and adapting a design she saw on a small postcard, and I can’t wait to see this one finished. As Gail’s a fast worker that might be quite soon.


Lyn was multitasking. With this year’s tinsel barely packed away she was already working on some clever little origami Christmas tree shapes as gifts for Christmas 2013.


And Lyn has joined the latest craze, crocheting. The pretty granny squares she was working on, in fuchsia and violet, co-ordinated perfectly with her fuchsia sundress!


Finally, here’s Jill’s progress on her foundation pieced quilt for her daughter. Nice pointy points, Jill!


Me? I moved inexorably towards finishing my Roebuck quilt, hand quilting the final side of the final border. I’m straining towards that finish line and already casting around for ideas for my next handmade quilt project. Machine projects are all well and good, but we need a hand project to take along and work on when we get together.

I’m leaning towards Robyn Falloon’s “The Blessings Quilt”, a pattern in an Australian Patchwork & Quilting issue from several years ago, but I also have several new metal templates I bought from JoNell at Quiltsmith (USA) that I’m itching to use.


It looks like I could be getting up to a little multitasking myself soon Be right back.

Red rose Di


  1. Oh Di thank you for the update of the English Quilt Group...... I do miss you girls...... but I could visualise all the creativity.......and feel part of it.

  2. Tell your friend Gail that she really make a lovely quilt.

  3. My goodness, what a talented bunch! Well done, especially to Gail!


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