Friday, July 6, 2012

Making plans

Let’s be honest, what passionate quilter isn’t planning her next project even as she’s beavering away on her current one? {Yep. I see you nodding}

When my English Quilt buddies gathered recently several were absolutely bursting with future plans.

Robbie’s about to immerse herself in a glorious heap of applique with these “Aunt Millie’s Garden” blocks by those Piece o’ Cake girls, Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins.


She’s even started putting together her delicious collection of fabrics, and isn’t that one of the BEST parts of planning a new quilt?


She says she’s going to make this cute Paper Dolls Play Book for her granddaughter, but I wonder if it’s really for herself! {Or is that just me???}


I used to love playing with paper dolls as a little girl, dressing and undressing them, and the pocket inside the cover of this book holds a generous enough wardrobe to amuse any little girl (or ‘old girl’!) for hours.


A little further down the track Robbie has dreams of making this stunner as well, and she probably will. And she’ll do all the quilting by hand, mark my words.



Jill’s plans involve using these fun nursery fabrics in quilts and cosy wraps for her expected grandbaby. As you can see, she’s going to be well prepared whether this bub is a boy or a girl.Collages2

Back from her safari in Botswana, Anne wasted no time picking up her Lynne Alchin-designed quilt again. Love that fussy-cut centre!


Also ‘out of Africa’ was Wendi who’s been away from us for far too long. Ask her what she’s working on and she’ll extoll the virtues of English paper-pieced scrappy stars as a wonderfully soothing pastime and a perfect project to pick up whenever there’s a spare moment. She says she has enough stars finished to make at least three large quilts!

But why stop now?


It might not look exactly like the real thing (photographed on safari by Anne) but don’t you think Lyn’s Sue Spargo woollen giraffe is going to look wonderful on her Folklore quilt?

Blog only2


Because it’s always nice to have a “slow burner” on the go (as my friend Erica has dubbed them) Robbie’s quietly working away piecing tiny scraps of fabric into the jazzy quilt seen here in her photo. When does that girl sleep?


Finally, what was I doing, you ask? Apart from admiring everyone else’s creative efforts and taking the photos, I spent a little time putting the finishing touches to this young fella for the St Luke’s craft stall.


Awww, I know he looks a little sad but trust me, from another angle he’s actually smiling, and I’m sure he’s very happy with his new owner and getting plenty of cuddles in bed on these chilly winter nights.



  1. Plans for the next project? More like plans for the next half a dozen at least! Being in a group like that must be very inspiring!

  2. Aunt Millie's Garden is very pretty......I saw one at a quilt show in Canada a few years ago!

  3. Cute, cute bear. :) Love the Aunt Millie's project. Your friends have some really fun things going and/or planned.

  4. WOW, these ladies are busy. I absolutely love the 9 patch and the quilting in the plain blocks is gorgeous. There is one like this in Keepsake Quilting's catalog but it is done with batiks and it just glows like a gentle sunset. I think it is called Sedona but am not positive. The paper doll book is so sweet and I have marked it many times in the Keepsake catalog. Maybe someday I will make it, to remind me of all the fun I had with paper dolls as a girl. (Still like them but don't collect them anymore). I wonder if the kit would lend itself to being cut up as quilt blocks instead of a book? The little bear is so sweet. It's always fun - and inspiring - to visit your blog.

  5. My goodness what an industrious group your English Quilters are!! Wow, my mind boggles. Just love that dear blue teddy you crocheted, and as I am fortunate to own his white brother, Snowy, I can appreciate how much he is loved. You have made them beautifully. Loved the giraffe too - what an interesting quilt. Go girls!!


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