Thursday, July 5, 2012

Retail Therapy

We have just a few items left from our hugely successful craft stall for St Luke’s Care last week and, rather than find space to store them till next year’s fundraiser, we decided to offer them to you!

St Luke's 20121

We felt the easiest and fairest way to do this was to list them on eBay as fixed price – “Buy it Now” – items, and you can find them  here.

We’re in Sydney (Australia) but we’ll be very happy to post to most overseas destinations, and the good news is that shipping won’t cost too much because our goodies are all quite lightweight.

So, do you fancy a little retail therapy Be right back ?

Speaking of shopping, as part of our ‘recovery program’ after the fundraiser, Di B and I tootled out to Patchwork Products last week.


With the end-of-financial-year sale in full swing it was a great chance to stock up on new fabrics for St Mark’s Quilters to make into Blankets of Love for RPA Newborn Care, and kindy quilts for the tots at The Marcia.

A few of these came home with me too, for a Top Secret Project!


Now you know why we need the storage space Smile



  1. Di,

    Was just reading your post and saw that you make quilts for the RPA. I've got some spare fabric you welcome to if you are interested. My email is if you'd like to send me your address.

    Sorry to leave a comment but I couldn't find a way to email directly.


  2. Hope the sale of the last few items goes well. Where's Patchwork Products?

  3. Goodness me that is fabric shopping to the max! All for a good cause though and we wouldnt want the quilt shops to go out of business!


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