Thursday, October 27, 2011

That quilt again!

Regular readers know the one. It’s a beautiful quilt but it has an identity crisis.

Joseph’s Coat / Waiting for Russell / Tea Leaf / Lover’s Knot /Lafayette Orange Peel… This traditional quilt pattern goes by all these names, but until now I’ve been fence-sitting, unable to decide what to call my particular version. 

Several of us are working on the same pattern, and in the collage below you can see our fabric choices.

(Clockwise, starting with the top right photo) Jill’s, Lyn’s, mine and Gail’s.

Joseph's Coat

Anne is making one too, using blue Kaffe fabrics.


I’ve finally finished enough circle blocks to make my quilt the same size as Sandra Dart’s “Waiting for Russell” pattern, but I’ve decided I want my quilt larger. 16 circles more ought to do it, and shouldn’t take me too long.


If I can find a couple of hours in the evening to stitch in front of the TV I can complete one of these daisy-shaped blocks a day.



So that’s what I think I’ll call my quilt – “Daisy a Day” Be right back  What do you think?



  1. I love that "old" song, Daisy a Day - now you've got it running through my head! LOL
    I think it's an apt name for a beautiful pattern - this novice can only dream that my skills will be that good one day!

  2. I like it!! I look forward to seeing the finished quilt!

  3. THAT quilt is looking so pretty. Your fabric choices make a really eye-catching quilt. It's going to be a fabulous finish. "Daisy a Day" suits because it does a nice job of telling how much time you've spent on it. And will you also "pluck petals" to determine whether he loves you? "He loves me. He loves me not."

  4. I love the name!! : ) and I love your wonderful bright colours. It's going to be such a beautiful quilt!!


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