Monday, April 25, 2011

The last goodbye

Easter Day different for me this year. Instead of attending church here, Sarah and I drove up to our family’s holiday house in the Blue Mountains where we spent the day with members of my extended family.

There was plenty of laughter, especially during the Easter egg hunt.


Though the “children” are all more than 17 years old they insist on continuing the tradition!


Then six of us went for a short walk through the bush.



The path was overgrown and is seldom used by anyone except locals who know the beauty in store at the end.


After a 10 minute tramp the scrub suddenly cleared, and we found ourselves on a wide level expanse of rock ending with a terrifyingly sharp drop into the wooded valley hundreds of metres below.


My father loved this spot. In fact the family named it after him – though you won’t find it on any mapBe right back

dad 2006-2

He had no fear of heights,and was a fearless mountain-climber as a young man.

dad 1940's

However others didn’t share his confidence that he wouldn’t topple over the sharp precipice and my mother was always trying to hold him back.

dad  1990

It seemed the perfect place for us to dispose of his ashes.

Having to engage in a little team work of our own provided some welcome moments of light relief as we said a very emotional goodbye.


I know he is with the Lord, and these were merely his mortal remains, but for me it was a very hard moment.


I miss you, Pa, but thanks to the promise of Easter I know we will see you again one day in a much better place.



  1. A lovely tribute to an obviously loved man...remember the good times xxxxx

  2. A beautiful place for his ashes, Di, and somewhere for you to go if ever you feel the need. An emotional day for you, but a beautiful memory to hold. (((Hugs and love)))

  3. Hugs and prayers, Di. So good to have that assurance that your dad is with the Lord!

  4. My heart goes out to you. What a special Easter day for your family. The assurance of seeing our loved ones again in the next existence is a marvelous gift.

  5. The perfect spot for the last good bye to your dear Dad. Take care.

  6. Oh Di, this is just beautiful and what special memories you and your family have of yesterday, and of your wonderful Dad. I can only imagine how heart wrenching this would have been ... obsolutely beautiful that you can draw comfort in knowing that your Dad (and mine too) is with our Lord, and that we will once again be reunited. Special thoughts and prayers for you and your family. XXX

  7. What a lovely post and a fitting tribute.

  8. Each one of your words on this page about your Pa, touched my heart with each pounding pulse...he would no doubt be sew proud of you for sew many reasons. EVERY person wants to know they mattered...YOU certainly do to many!


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