Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dear Randwick Baltimore Quilt…

There’s just no easy way to say this. I’m afraid we have no future together.


I think back to that glorious summer of 2004 when I first fell for you. It was your Princess Feathers that did it, the first block we were taught in a class that was to run for most of that year.


I was excited with the process of learning to needleturn applique those narrow edges with fine silk thread. But I was young and my stitches leave so much to be desired when I look at them now.


I loved your colours, dusty pinks and burgundy, deep green tone-on-tones, some pale, cool blues and those bright little touches of gold.

But the warning signs were there, like leaving a leaf just tacked in place while I moved on to the next block. I always intended to come back and applique it in place. Really.

I wanted to keep pace with the new blocks our tutor brought every month, with exciting new techniques to learn.


Your pale blue bow still makes me smile, and I wanted to try your 3D flowers, but in doing so I shamefully neglected your leaves.


The folded yellow rosebuds where possibly my favourite part of your design, but by now my concentration was waning. How else can I explain my choice of that delicious but far, far too pale Hannah Bella border print for this urn.


There ought to be golden ruched sunflowers on the end of these green stalks, but alas by then my passion was spent.


For 7 years you’ve waited patiently for me to open the roll where I’d lovingly stored your unfinished blocks, to unpack the fabrics kept aside, and rekindle our love affair.

My dear Randwick Baltimore Quilt, you thought you needed me to make you whole, but it’s time we both admitted that this task must fall to another.

It’s not you, it’s me. I’ve moved on (perhaps I shouldn’t mention that I’ve met a man called Kaffe).


You need **someone who will see your full potential, work with the fabrics I have left(yes, they are yours to keep), maybe even design more blocks and a setting, and make you into the fine quilt you were meant to be.

Di  xx

** Would you like to be that someone?   Pop on over to my Ebay auction (ending 9.30pm AEST Tuesday 10 May) to read more.


  1. That's brilliant, Di - a "Dear Quilt" letter. Marvellous. I hope that 'someone' finds you both.

  2. You are funny! This is just like a "Dear John" letter. You are simply too clever. I wish I could think as creatively as you do.

    Oh, and all that urn needs is a bit of darker blue blanket stitch or cross-stitch to make it stand out. I think your work looks lovely. "Ahhh, parting is such sweet sorrow."

  3. Oh Di, you really cracked me up with this ... wonderful!!:-))) You should write a book - you'd make a fortune. Such a shame to part with this UFO but I guess there comes a time when we do need to admit that we simply can't continue, and give some other smart quilter the chance to complete this beautiful work of art. Alas, not this "newby" quilter though!!

  4. How sad! It's better to have sewn and lost, than never to have sewn at all.
    (Sigh) What a beautiful post! I'm going to check out the auction now in the hope that your beloved is going to a good home.

  5. It looks beautiful. I was hoping Frogdancer would buy it, finish it and then give it to me!


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