Wednesday, April 13, 2011

From small beginnings…

In April 2009 there were exactly two quilters at our church – Di B and myself – but by November 2009 after Linda Hungerford had taught her Stitchin’ Mission 5 week beginner’s quiltmaking course, the quilting population at St Mark’s had grown to nearly thirty!

For some the experience of creating their Stitchin’ Mission quilt was fun, but they were happy to stop there.

But for those who wanted to carry on St Mark’s Quilters was formed, and we’ve since been joined by a few more willing hands, so that these days around a dozen enthusiastic quilters regularly attend our monthly Saturday workshops.

We’ve come a long way.

Liz joined us as a beginner this year, and has proved a ‘natural’ as a quilt designer! She learnt the quilt-as-you-go technique at our February workshop, then went out and bought some colour co-ordinated ‘scraps’, and created this beautiful quilt as a gift for someone special in her life.  Here’s her “show and tell” from Saturday…


So many exquisite fabrics lovingly cut and sliced and sewn together to make a rich pattern we thought had a real vintage feel.  Liz, you’ve made a spectacular beginning to your quiltmaking  journey.


Some of us worked on sewing tiny scrappy pieces into more crazy quilt blocks for New Life quilts. Few scraps are too small for these quilts, and it’s amazing how these humble fabrics that might otherwise have been consigned to the bin can make a colourful impact once sashed and bordered and bound.



Others were happy to keep going on quilt-as-you-go blocks.


Little by little Amanda and Margaret applied their long scrappy strips, and by the end of the day there were quite a few more blocks to add to those we’ve already sent Jan Mac of OzComfort Quilts and Corrie of retromummy


A brief chat at a Southern Cross Quilters gathering was the beginning of Cath’s association with us, and on Saturday she brought along two lovely large quilts which will go to people in need.



From small beginnings we’re growing together, increasing our numbers, gaining skills and creating some very attractive quilts out of humble scraps.


  1. What a beautiful post, Di. Do you know how much this lifts me up? It's simply heart-warming to see what your quilters are doing... how they are touching others' lives. You all have been blessed to be a blessing, and I'm so very pleased and grateful for all of you. I miss you!

  2. As you say "from small beginnings" ... we certainly have come a loooonnng way and it has been a wonderful journey. From Stitchin' Mission to now has been wonderful in bringing folk together for a stitch and giggle ... and all for wonderful causes. I am so very proud to part of this journey and thoroughly enjoy the friendships we are making along the way. Go Di

  3. I am overwhelmed by this initiative. I have Linda to thank for sending me in this direction. I'll be checking back in very soon when I have more time to explore your sites. ~karen


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