Friday, February 11, 2011

With warmest wishes on the ‘warmest’ of days


An informal girlfriends’ dinner party  for eight at Di B’s last Saturday was the perfect occasion for us to finally hand over the quilt.

The temperature reached a dramatic 42 degrees Celsius that day, after a week of gruelling heatwave conditions -  but that didn’t deter Liccy from wrapping herself in her new quilt to pose for our photo.

Then we all retreated to the cool of Di’s balcony overlooking beautiful Sydney Harbour to toast our dear friend. IMG_8912


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  1. And what a happy night "we girls" had. I am absolutely thrilled that she was so delighted with our quilt - which she knew nothing about. It was such fun working on this project together and I can't wait for the next joint project. Love the photo of Liccy and Matilda watching the passenger ship too - that furry kid of mine loves to be part of all parties!!


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