Thursday, February 10, 2011

The fabrics speak for themselves in our Hourglass Quilt


After Linda Billet, of Artisan Quilting, had worked her magic with an all-over pattern of swirls and curls in a variegated aqua thread, we took a last close look at some of our favourite fabrics.

Our friend Alicia is celebrating her 60th birthday, and we wanted this quilt to speak of her rich, happy life (so far!) and friends who love her.

She’s a breast cancer survivor, so we included several pieces of pink ribbon fabric.


Most weekends you’ll find her enjoying a swim, and with a little imagination I think these blue squiggles could pass for waves.


Alicia loves the sunshine too.


And we do love to celebrate birthdays and other occasions with parties and lots of laughter, and (ahem…) the odd glass of vino.

IMG_8890 IMG_8889

This pretty green fabric was from Alicia’s late mother’s quilting fabric stash which Liccy kindly gave me a few years ago. Di B and I had also included some in Ian’s Bowtie Quilt.


Alicia was the friend who asked us to make the Bowtie Quilt for Ian, (the Love of her Life), so Di B and I wanted this quilt to be distinctively Liccy’s, and yet co-ordinate with his.

To achieve this we included many of the same fabrics we’d used in his, and added bright pinks, lime greens, yellows and aquas to hers. She’s a colourful kinda gal!


Of all the fabrics in the Hourglass Quilt this little piece says the most.


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  1. Fun, bright, cheerful, and meaningful... who wouldn't want a quilt like that? So you have to turn 60 to get one, huh? I'm workin' on it! Thank you for showing such nice photos. It truly is a wonderful quilt. Good on yous Di-s!


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