Saturday, February 26, 2011

…and now there’s Handmade for Christchurch


You have to hand it to our wonderfully supportive crafting community. When disaster strikes they waste no time mobilising to help in any way they can.

After the Southern Queensland floods Toni spearheaded a huge auction of handcrafted items, raising almost $100,000.


With Cyclone Yasi hitting just a couple of weeks later the Gum Tree girls have extended their New Beginnings cut-off date to 15th March for crafters to make sewing kits to be given to stitchers who’ve lost these items that we know give handworkers such pleasure (and welcome diversion in times of trouble).

qld quilt button

Here in Sydney Retromummy is collecting quilt blocks to be made into comforting quilts for Queenslanders in the months ahead.

And as if this wasn’t enough upheaval, this week’s devastating earthquake in Christchurch has us all reeling with shock, and praying for our New Zealand friends and loved ones (the death toll has risen to 123) .


This time some compassionate (and energetic) Kiwi mums have created Handmade for Christchurch. You can read about them here on their Facebook page, and here on Trade Me, the New Zealand auction site where, over the next week or so, they will be auctioning over a hundred handmade items donated by crafters as far away as Germany!

The auction listings have started – they’re rolling them out in lots of about 20 at a time – but they are still accepting good quality new crafty items to auction.

Most of all they need bidders!

Can you please spread the word?


My Gratitude post didn’t happen this week, but I’d have to say I’m grateful for compassionate people in the world, and it does my heart good to see the way we can reach out to one another in times of trouble.

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